Christian Meditation Course

Through learning an ancient Christian Meditation you are offered an opportunity to:


· Seek stillness before God

· Develop awareness of God’s presence

· Discover God’s peace in our hearts

Michael Lester will be leading this 7 week course. Michael has led various meditation groups for both Christians and Buddhists . He has practiced ‘Prayer of the Heart’ meditation for over 6 years. Michael is currently involved with Church without Walls as a Pastoral Assistant and lives at St Michael’s Priory in Willen.  Start Tuesday 16th January and Thursday 18th January

EVENING: Tuesday 8 to 9pm @ Broughton Pavilion. Cost £10 for the course or £2.30 per session. FULL

DAYTIME: Thursday 12 to 1pm @ Broughton Rectory. FREE

Please contact Ruth to book a space as there will be limited spaces.

Compass Courses

Offered by the Mission Partnership across Milton Keynes. Bursaries are available. For further details of all courses and for the PayPal link, visit the website:

Getting to Grips with Paul

“Jesus I get, but Paul’s a puzzle.” Start to make sense of Christian faith’s key missionary and thinker with this 8 week biblical course.Tuesday 7.45pm starting 23rd Jan, at Christ the Vine, Coffee Hall led by Steve Chilcraft (cost £40)

A Go(o)d Argument - Science and faith in dialogue


Isn’t science fundamentally opposed to faith? Hasn’t science proved God to be irrelevant and religion just hocus-pocus? Doesn’t the God-theory just fill the gaps that science hasn’t yet understood? These are big questions: let’s tackle them together!

A five week course for absolute beginners in both science and theology. Come with an open mind, a thirst to know more about God, the wonder of creation, and a willingness to have fun in the process. Thursday 7.45pm starting 22nd Feb, at St Michael’s Priory, Willen led by Rev Prof Keith Straughan (cost £25)