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CWW Future Planning

As CWW moves forward there are a range of groups that help manage the different areas of the churches life together. There are contact people for all the groups and we are always keen to have new people involved. The church community is exactly that a community, and together we seek to follow the way of Jesus and we all have a part to play.

Below are some of the key areas and people to contact.

Sunday Service Worship Leaders

We are blessed with a number of gifted people within out community. Here are the people who help lead our services:

Ruth Maxey

Ruth is a United Reformed Church Minister and has been the minister of Church Without Walls since it began in 2013. Before coming to be a Pioneer Minister in Milton Keynes she was a Chaplain at Keele University for 10 years and before that a minister in Weoley Castle in Birmingham. Ruth leads most, but not all, of our services.

Larry Kavanagh

Larry has been involved in lay-leadership in ecumenical churches for over 30 years where he has gathered much experience leading and organising worship which he has been using since joining CWW 7 years ago.  Having sent his childhood in Ireland being bored by repetitive weekly Church services he enjoys services that are novel, challenging and surprising.

Elaine Maries

Following a return to Faith Elaine studied theology at The Providence of St Luke  The Healer, training college, part of The World Communion of Celtic Convergence Churches, and has been involved in leading worship at the Torch Trust Christian Group in Milton Keynes and a member of CWW since March 2015.

Phil Wall

Phil is a United Reformed Church Minister and is currently working as Chaplain at Oakhill Secure Training Centre in MK and worshipping with CWW.

Jenny Mills

Jenny is a United Reformed Church Minister currently working at a national level as Secretary for Education and Learning in the URC. She is also a member of CWW.


Forest Church Planning Group

Forest church is led by a range of people from within the community and the planning group is open to anyone who would like to get involved (the more the merrier!)

ANGELA KENDAL coordinates the group so please get in touch with her if you would like to get involved.

Practical team

Both Café Church, Dinner Church and Quiet Church need a practical team to make them happen. There is a rota for the key areas to help things run smoothly. These are some of the key jobs

  • Picking up boxes from the garage and returning them to the garage
  • Setting up the tables and chairs etc, packing up afterwards
  • Buying the pastries/food from Costco and milk for refreshments
  • Serving the refreshments and clearing up refreshments
  • Setting up communion and washing up communion (Dinner Church only)
  • Welcoming people as they arrive

RACHEL ZUNICK coordinates the rota so please get in touch if you are able to help. We hope in time to make the rota digital but we are not there yet!


We are very blessed to have a number of musicians in our community who regularly play at both Cafe Church and Dinner Church. If you would be interested in getting involved with the music please contact KATHY KAVANAGH who will be coordinating music.


Midweek Groups

Talking Point is our midweek group on a Tuesday and Wednesday. The groups are led by Diane Kearton and Ruth MaxeyPlease get in touch with either of them for more information.

Diane Kearton

We have two other groups that have an important role in the life of our church:


The Guidance Group is the decision making body within the community of Church without Walls (budget, vision etc) and is made up of members of the church who feel called to serve the community in this way. The group generally meets every 6 to 8 weeks. If you wish to contact the Guidance Group please use the church email ( or speak to someone directly. Those currently on the group are:


Guidance Group 2023



The support networks are not ‘groups’ they are just a way of more formally making sure that people don’t get missed in our often disparate community. The contact person is also not a ‘counsellor, pastoral carer, spiritual advisor’, this is about mutual support with a contact person who will help, where appropriate, facilitate that shared care of each other. We try to make sure that everyone who is part of the CWW community is part of a network and has a contact person. As our community shifts and changes so the groups do. Do get in touch with Ruth Maxey for any more information about the networks. The current contact people are:

Support Network 2023