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Quiet Church

DURING LOCK-DOWN ALL OUR PHYSICAL GATHERINGS HAVE STOPPED. Check out our 'At Home' services and prayers. 

Stop doing and just be! 1st Sunday in the month.


Quiet Church does what it says on the tin and offers some quiet space in the midst of many of our noisier gatherings!

It is a reflective service for adults and children (school age upwards) with some prayers, readings and a chance to share Holy Communion together.

We begin all together at St Michael's Priory. For once at our gatherings it will be 'Quiet first & chat later!'

After an opening prayer and reading the children leave to spend time in the Meeting Room with designated leaders for a time of 'age appropriate' creative prayer.

The adults then spend time in creative prayer and reflection. We then all gather together again for a short communion.

After our service there is tea, coffee and time to chat!