Sacred Space

Need some space in the midst of a busy life? Some time to chill, to meditate, to pray? 


Sacred Space is a fortnightly contemplative prayer/meditation ‘group’ that is open to everyone.

We meet in a small room in the Pavilion and there is time just to ‘be’, there are a few words, music, and quiet and it is open to everyone.

Where ever you are on the journey of faith, what ever label you give yourself come..

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month 8pm @ Broughton Pavilion.

Resources to try at home

Download their daily 10 minute mediation/prayer onto your phone; listen on the bus, walking to school, doing the washing, simply pray as you go!

A daily prayer you can use on your computer/i-pad/phone – start the day with some space and focus.